How to give your poster graphics impact using stock photos

How to give your poster graphics impact using stock photos

It’s all well and good writing creative text to use in your graphic design, nothing beats the power of a picture (A picture is worth a thousand words). Stock photos are very affordable and with so many websites it’s hard not to find an inspirational image to use in your latest projects.

Use impact imagery
Creating an impact is important when designing to create attention, therefore using an image with impact is far better than using large chunks of paragraph text. Direct marketing & exhibitions are the best media to use this type of image, you don’t have much time in grabbing the users attention so getting the user to read text is particularly difficult.

Story tellers

Promotions for a particular location or a person will need an image to link to the story.
These images are story tellers and give the audience a picture to help them get the whole picture. You may be promoting a specific product, making the product the focal point will showcase the product and increase the selling value.

Sometimes a product shot isn’t easily available or with time constraints you need to get the design finished for a deadline. Using an abstract photo might suffice, for example you are producing a roller banner stand for a show which promotes a particular pair of sports running trainer, you could use a good photo of a runner and show a close up of the trainer in abstract so the detail would be the sole or front end. This would mean using your imagination so the trainer looks similar to the product. Otherwise a dynamic sports running shot with an athlete involved would create a good story teller image and have a huge impact.

Depth with backgrounds

Designers who have studied photography will certainly know the importance of foreground, middle and background for creating depth and focal points. Much is the same with Graphic Design, adding texture to backgrounds creates a feel of depth and the unusual drawing in the reader’s eye.

Conceptual images

Stock photo libraries have built up a good variety of conceptual photos, if your project requires an image that is that something different a concept image is the type you are looking for. If you have ever seen images for a law firm with a hand and trees within the hand these are conceptual as an example below.