How to market your printing business

Marketing or sales?

Marketing cannot be confused with sales, both are completely different and it is important to remember the difference.

Marketing – Is the process of placing your product or services in front of the customer to encourage a sale or conversion. It is a way of stimulating the customer/s to buy your product or service. So for printing businesses marketing reaches the customer and draws them in to the printing service, you also want the customer to return and become a very satisfied regular customer.

A marketing campaign is only successful if the customer makes a conversion and sends a Purchase order.

Marketing includes:  Branding, advertising, PR, brand awareness and promotions. Every detail counts even the smallest most subtle, marketing is about building your brand and making any potential customers confident in your services or products on offer.

Use your brand to create awareness You don’t need a huge budget to build a strong brand image, to build a loyal following you need to create a personality for your business something that can easily be remembered. Satisfied followers will spread the word for you, and adopt themselves as your very own sales field without even realising.

Use all opportunities to spread the message – As a business you get chances everyday to connect to new customers, but you need to take full advantage of this. Clever marketing involves the use of all media, Van sides, promotions, truck sides, cars, use every opportunities to spread the brand.

Keep your customers happy – Winning a customer involves hard work, don’t be complacent and destroy the relationship with poor customer service. A bad customer experience can spread a bad word about your business alot quicker than a good word. Make your service personal if they have a complaint deal with it quickly and avoid bad feedback.

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