Digital print or Litho?

The time old question that many lithographic printers don’t want to answer, Digital print is fast becoming the latest media for printing but do we all agree that Litho is actually a dead process and much to expensive in this digital world.

Coming from a Litho print background I do find Litho quality is still top on my list, but saying that most of my clients require a cheap low run print solution so it really is client’s dependant now whether I use Litho or digital.

To the naked eye or novice most clients would struggle to see the difference now between both processes.

There are times when Litho will overall digital, certainly in cost for larger runs. Digital printing is competitive up to certain quantities then Litho comes in to its own.

Some sizes won’t fit onto a digital press, anything larger than 12” x 18” or SRA3 will be too large, that’s when Litho wins this battle. Most printers are opting to keep litho for large runs and get in a digital press to cover the small cheap runs.

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