The Digital printing age

Since the fifteenth century printing has come quite a long way, Lithographic printing being the main process in that era. Now digital print has come into its own with short run printing digital printing has become the preferred process. The digital printing process has undergone some dramatic changes over the past few years.

Digital printing is becoming easier to implement for businesses, inks have become better and machines available on good finance deals. Many Litho printers have installed digital machines to cover the market for short runs.

Digital printing increases impact

With the cost of digital printing extremely low, businesses can take advantage of using full colour print rather than black and white. Business communications can therefore have more impact with full colour covers and inside covers collated with black and white inner pages.

In short research has shown that customers will read or have much more interest in a brochure or booklet with a full colour cover instead of black and white or monochrome.

How digital process has evolved

Digital printing has changed in its early years even though it has any been widely excepted for a few years it has changed quickly. The machines available today are very advanced closely matching the lithographic process for quality.

In my own opinion it has still a way to go to beat the quality of litho, especially on heavy boards for business cards but it has evolved quickly. Machines are cheaper but the process isn’t easier to produce the final finished items.

Finishing equipment is still required for cutting and folding, although some of the high end colour machines now offer fold, stitch and trim facilities. Colours are difficult to match, pantones are close but not as precise as litho, so the user needs to tweak the colour palettes to get it close.

Overall digital is good for cheap short runs, but still has a way to go if it with ever beat the Lithographic process.

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