Why Roller banners?

A revolution in events and exhibitions for companies, pop up stands can be easily transported from area to area. The offer a versatile solution and look great with branding.

Green friendly roller banners can made from renewable source bamboo, this can reused and put back in the recycling system. Bamboo is also a sustainable product meaning it grows quickly and is easily replaced. Using Eco friendly products is good for our planet’s atmosphere, using Eco products puts less of a strain on our planets assets.

Whether your business is attending one event or several at once, a roller banner stand will bring out the best of your brand.

It can express your company’s message across a variety of events or exhibitions with its simple portability.

Bamboo stands are a great way to communicate to like mined businesses that you follow the eco rules and only use sustainable products with your stands. This may win over some clients who are also trying to lower their businesses footprint on the planets assets. If your business is eco friendly do shout about it, it is something to advertise. Using a respectable supplier of trade stands a client will have the confidence their own exhibition will be an overwhelming success, creative and inventive stands will make passer bys stop and take notice of the business because of the stand and how it has brought the companies brand to life.

Weather resistant outdoor roller banners are a great possibility if you are exhibiting at an outdoor event. They are printed using h20 resistant inks and fade resistant making the stand weather proof. This again reinforces the use of a versatile and fully functional roller banner.

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