Print marketing tips

marketingtipsIf your printing business is struggling in the era of website promotion, look at my top tips below to achieve success.

Ordering online – sounds the simple option but it really does make a difference to your customers, majority of customers don’t have time to call or email and want a simple quick solution for their printing needs. Only today I was searching for business cards online and came across a few top sites only to find no online facility. Online ordering functionality can achieve huge orders if done correctly.

Online ordering will increase the number of hours your business is open and make it quicker for people to order when they want to and not dictated by office hours.

Don’t try to compete with the competition – As a small business I am only to aware that trying to compete with larger businesses is hard work and cuts into your profit margins.

Try to avoid competing and offer your customers a different sales technique, what can you offer your customers that the cheaper companies don’t.

Extra services – Print is an important part of your business, try to offer your customers a new service. If you offer Roller banner stands printing, add other related items to the services.

Business network – Avoid targeting online on its own and network in your local area, get out and talk to local businesses about your services and how you can help them. Networking will build brand awareness, is good for local PR and increases your business profile.

Date restricted e-mail marketing – Collect email addresses from your customer, ask permission and send out regular e-shots with date restrictions to encourage spending.

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