Promotional Tablecloths – Another Marketing Opportunity

Marketing techniques are extremely varied, are increasingly innovative and becoming extremely sophisticated, therefore the increasing popularity of the humble promotional tablecloth may come as a surprise to some.

By paying a little more attention to any event that includes a table or table top presentation you can create an eye catching professional appearance with a branded tablecloth printed with a logo and corporate message. Take registration desks at seminars and training courses for an example, the attendees are aware of the brand image immediately they arrive.  Table top presentations and displays at road shows and mini exhibitions that use promotional tablecloths stand out more from those that use plain stock or none at all as well making the company easily and quickly identifiable.

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Exhibition tablecloths – just another gimmick or something that adds value?

When planning an exhibition stand that is centred around a tabletop presentation, or a reception desk at a conference or event, how do you make it look professional, neat and tidy?

Exhibition tablecloths have become an increasing ‘must have’ in such scenarios for a number of reasons; they can be tailor made to fit the table exactly with a choice of having the corners box fitted with no need for extra pinning and loose fabric to the four corners of your table or just have a simple drop to the floor in folds, and decide if you want a short overhang at the rear of the table  so someone can sit at the table comfortably if required without having to deal with unnecessary material. If this is not the case you may wish to have the cloth drop to the floor at the rear as this then hides anything you may wish to store under the table, which can be a very useful function. So far they provide a tidy finish and can have a practical function.

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Promotional clothing and t-shirts

Whatever the need for promotional clothing or corporate branded clothing and workwear, don’t forget the importance of getting the print and decoration absolutely right to give the right finish and appearance.

Black is, and always has been, a very popular colour for t-shirts and tops and particular care has to be taken when decorating these garments to ensure that the design doesn’t get lost in the colour.

The best way of printing on to most cotton clothing, and especially black, is screen printing, Evolve Branding can print up to 12 colours in one design to give a dramatic effect. Screen printing is also the best process for large designs, producing a high quality finish with excellent clear definition. Garments printed this way wash well.
When screen printing one colour at a time is applied and therefore the cost will increase with each additional colour applied. A separate screen is required for each colour, therefore multi colour screen charges may be uneconomical if only a small quantity of clothing is required. If you require a large quantity of garments check the capacity of the printer to ensure they can meet your deadline. Evolve Branding currently has the capacity to screen print over 50,000 garments per week to meet the demands of large projects and wholesale t shirt printing.


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